About Mobilwebb

Behind Mobilwebb the company, Triggerfish/UNC and Websearch.

Mobilwebbs strategy is to use standardized tools that are built on Microsoft platform providing market solutions for mobile websites. Our goal is to become Sweden's leading supplier of mobile-adapted sites

Sales and marketing driven from office at Slussen in Stockholm. The trend is driven, however from Kathmandu, Nepal. That the contractor and presenter Bjorn Soderberg, known by its responsible entrepreneurship.

The advantage of placing all development in Nepal is that we can offer competitive solutions where customers have specific requirements.

Mobilwebb sees themselves as a partner. We are happy to work as a production for companies that want to offer their customers mobile-adapted solutions. Please contact us if it sounds interesting so we present gladly our tools.

We at Mobilwebb believe that a mobile friendly site will become a natural step for all types of companies in the cards. You have to adapt information and communication to the customer's device, in this case the mobile phone.

Please contact us if there are questions, concerns or just want to know more about mobile-adapted sites and services.