Advanced Solutions

Our development team of designers and concept developers allows us to take a unique position in the market.

In the area of ​​advanced solutions fall:

Mobilwebb Spider - to not have to update another tool

More and more customers are looking for solutions which we reflect information from their existing public website on the mobile website - automatically.
Our unique solution which we call the Spider means that the spider collects information from your public site and build the database in the Mobile Web. There will be additional usage considerably if it is a great site or the information is updated frequently.
Of course, we work also with solutions for RSS, XML, or API.

Mobilwebb Interpreter

Mobile Web has developed a solution to manage seamless integration with eg. e-commerce or reservation without having to integrate the platform itself.
Read more at M-Shop.

Mobilwebb Publishing

Mobilwebb solution for mobile personalization of newspapers. Depending on the data that the magazine can provide, we build up the mobile home with the help. RSS, our spider or XML.

SmartPhone App

Mobilwebb can simply porting the mobile home to an app and add features to the app.

Event and conference

We have launched a solution for conferences and events. The solution schedule the publishing of the agenda, the opportunity to rate the speakers and see what other visitors are at a conference. Call us for more information.

User Guides and Manuals

A custom solution for your mobile phone focusing on manuals and user guidelines.