Services for your Mobile Website

Mobilwebb strategy is to offer a publishing tools and services that are 100% focused on managing the company's mobile website.
We have put much effort into developing a perfect publishing tool for mobile-adapted sites. If you choose to have your own mobile friendly site, we train you, of course, in the tool. We are also always on hand to assist you during business hours. We often hear that we have the easiest publishing tool that people have encountered, if it is the feeling we have succeeded!

Mobile Website

We believe in cross-platform solutions that promote transparency and are indexed by Google. 
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Structure Proposal

We have developed a number of structural suggestions for a good mobile website might look like.
Of course, freedom is total, but often it helps us to show the proposal.
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Mobile SEO

Google adds more and more emphasis on whether the company has an optimized mobile Web site. This increases the chances to climb on the organic list.
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With the best and powerful tools you can manage your mobile website.
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Which phones?

We attach great importance to test the market handsets.
Extra emphasis on the best-selling smartphone phones in Scandinavia.
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Industry Solutions

Many solutions we build are industry specific. Where the branches of tourism, organizations, municipalities, schools are examples.
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