Various solutions

When customers search on your brand or company in their mobile phones are expected to relevant and customized information. The customer would quickly find what they require.

It's all about contacts, map, the nearest store, opening hours, product range, offering even more. When you as a customer looking for from your mobile, you are a highly relevant customer. It is therefore important that the information is brief, precise and custom. We believe that search engine Google is the most natural way to find information even from your mobile. 

Our tools make it easy for anyone to create and manage a mobile friendly site. It does not matter if you are a local player with just one store or a global brand, we have solutions for everyone.

Mobilwebb Core

Mobilwebb Core is the foundation of our portfolio. Addressed to all companies seeking a high level of service.
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With Mobilwebb brand, you build a complete mobile Web site for the presentation of products and retailers.
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Store Locator

The customer clicks the "find the nearest dealer" on their mobile phone and will be positioned and guided to the nearest dealer.
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Mobile Site Advanced

With our cutting-edge technology, we drive the market forward.
Automatically mobilize your webb using our technology. 
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