Mobilwebb Core

For every company with a website

99% of visitors want information and addresses when they visit a page on your mobile. For this reason, we focused on the CORE, the basic product in our family, will provide just that. With this feature, we give you the opportunity to conduct a rapid communication with your customers, find directions, or call and notify if a delay due to traffic chaos. Of course there is also an opportunity for a description of your company, products and services.
Nothing strange, just straight communication.

Features in the Core:

Convenient tool to design your mobile website. Choose your design, colors, menu layout, etc.. Much flexibility as you also can design themselves and we are implementing.
Build your mobile website – The Core includes a publishing tool where you build the pages in a very smooth way.
Dealing with multiple offices. Add up all the branches of a seamless experience for end customers who are looking for address or personnel.
Handling of all employees. Connect employees to offices, departments and present them in attractive ways.
Directions. Position yourself and get directions to destionation.
Click to call. Call or email directly.
Mobile search – the Core includes basic requirements for optimizing the site to Google.